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Full-Service Groomer Joins Growing Business Community in Greenville, NY

Full-Service Groomer Joins Growing Business Community in Greenville, NY

Dog groomer Autumn Tambasco and her husband Jacob Van Zutphen are the proud owners of the first new business to open in Greenville in 2022. Dogs Of Greenville served its first canine customer on January 3rd, and coming up on two-months in business, they’re already looking to add staff.

Autumn and poodleAutumn has been grooming dogs for over 17 years, most recently in Glenmont, over 30 miles from home. Rising gas prices and the 40-minute commute each way surely played into the decision to open a local business. Also, the shop is just up the street from Greenville Central School, making it easier to be available for anything that may arise with her young sons.

Autumn actually became aware that the location at 11448 Route 32 (across from Dollar General) while getting her own hair cut at Eclips Hair Studio, which occupies the front of the building. “When we came across an opportunity to have a place right here in town,” notes Jacob, “we jumped right on it and took the lease.”

December 2021 was spent remodeling and bringing in all the equipment needed for a full-service grooming salon, including a hydraulic grooming table, dedicated wash sink, dryers, and the many specialty hand tools Autumn uses to ply her trade. While the business is definitely a family affair, Autumn handles the grooming, and Jacob takes care of the business operations.

Washing and clipping dog “I’ve always enjoyed being around animals, especially dogs” Autumn told the Greenville Pioneer, who ran a front page story on her in their weekly publications. “This is a full-service grooming salon”, she continued in the story, “so we do nails, baths, haircuts, ear-cleaning and brushouts. I’m trained in all breed cuts, so we can accommodate any dog, large or small.”

The growing number of visitors traveling to Greene County with their dogs is another potential market for Dogs Of Greenville. The town is also home to The Woodhouse Lodge – a pet-friendly renovation of a mid-century 10 room motel.

NoodleAutumn & Jacob try to books appointments based on their customers’ needs – Schedule varies, but generally Dogs Of Greenville is open Monday through Thursday beginning at 8:15 am and every other Sunday. They will make themselves
available for evening appointments to accommodate work-schedules.

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