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Reopening In-store Retail in Greenville, NY

Reopening In-store Retail in Greenville, NY

In December of 2017, Laura & Jeremy Dresdner opened up Quirky Market to sell custom handmade goods. Originally, their business model was to sell crochet items, handmade jewelry, and paintings. When naming the business, Dresdner knew not to limit her creativity.

Quirky Market sewing machines“We were so crafty, we didn’t want a name that would just limit it. Quirky Market catches my essence of art and something different, and unusual.” Since opening, they did indeed add other types of inventory, including but not limited to dream catchers, handbags, signs, apparel and more. They also host classes and workshops to teach others how to create their own projects.

When the public health pandemic hit in March, it didn’t prevent them from refining their business model to adapt to the high demand of personal protective equipment. Their inventory started to include masks and ear savers to relieve discomfort from elastic straps.

“It’s funny because the sewing part is new [to me]. We were just learning how to make scrunchies right before all of this happened. We had the sewing experience with the elastic; it was just funny timing.”

Sewing masks during the pandemicQuirky Market already had material to start creating masks, so it was a natural fit.

The small team consisted of Laura and Jeremy Dresdner and Tracy Flynn, Laura’s sister. Together they created and donated over a thousand masks!

Laura hosts a monthly ‘Stitch & Sip’ social group, and many of the members were also interested in making masks. As a result, Laura set up a mask donation bin at The Gypsy’s Closet in Freehold where other local crafters could drop off handmade masks to be donated to those in need. Many local, community members joined in to help the cause, and Laura and Tracy facilitated the mask donations  that went to local businesses in Greenville, the Coxsackie Correctional Facility, Columbia Memorial Hospital, and facilities and homes in over 30 states including Hawaii!

This small community virtually & social distantly “came together” to support others in need. They received donations and contributions from The Gyspsy’s Closet, Tip Top Furniture, A Charmed Affair and Brightside by Sweet Hippie in Albany, County.

Due to high inquiry, Quirky Market decided to add custom, designer masks to their shop in addition to the donations made. Customers could choose their fabrics, colors, and mask styles.  Now that retail stores in the Capital Region (which includes Greene County) are allowed to open in Phase I and II, Quirky Market is opening up for shopping! They have a pop-up shop inside of The Gypsy’s Closet, located at 9488 Route 32, Freehold, NY and are participating in the Tri-County Farmer’s Market, hosted at The Gypsy’s Closet every Thursday from 4-7 pm. They are still selling inventory online but will be resume their workshops and classes in Phase IV!

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