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The “Pharmacy of the Future” is already in Tannersville, New York

The “Pharmacy of the Future” is already in Tannersville, New York

Kindness seems to be a common theme at Wellness Rx in Tannersville, New York. Ed Ullman’s mission since day one was to be a service to others. Since the pandemic, this mission has included acts of kindness that have been a powerful guiding light to Ullman and his team.

Customer ServiceThe need for a pharmacy on the mountaintop was crucial when Ullman was approached in 2015 by the Hunter Foundation who asked him “What will it take to bring a Pharmacy to the Mountaintop?”

Ed explained his mission and how he wanted to combine eastern and western healing philosophies. The Hunter Foundation found the building and eventually helped Wellness Rx find its home.

The Hunter Foundation already owned the 5980 Main Street building, purchased in 2004 and housed a variety of cafés. When approached, Ullman agreed to move his pharmacy from Phoenicia, New York in Ulster County to Tannersville here in Greene County. His approach to pharmacy blends traditional western medication, eastern alternative and natural healing medicine. While this approach may not be common in the area, Ullman believes it is the model of the future.

RemediesWhy Does Wellness Rx Carry Natural Medicine?

When you visit Wellness Rx, there is an overwhelming sense of calmness. The walls are natural wood, and the shelves hold locally made food items and handmade goods. The medicine is discreetly tucked away where guests cannot see, and there are no fluorescent lights anywhere. The most interesting part of the pharmacy is the natural medicines on display. Pharmacists in America are not permitted to dispense emergency medicine, but Ullman’s knowledge of natural medicine helps patients receive emergency treatment. This is especially beneficial for those who need immediate help because of a hiking accident or even a burn.

Ullman is traditionally trained in western medicine but also had the privilege of living in other countries and learning about their medicine practices. The pivotal moment in his career came when he went to the Shanghai Medical Center and went to the reception center and there were two signs…one said, “Alternative Medicine” and the other said “Traditional Medicine”. The “Alternative Medicine” was our [USA] medicine.” This spoke volumes to Ullman, and he continued his research on alternative options which has manifested into many different explorations.

His most recent independent study has been on the positive affects from CBD (cannabidiol) oil to increase focus among children with hyperactive brains (ADD, Autism). CBD oil calms the brain and spinal cord, and studies have found it is safer than originally expected by researchers. Evidence is currently in the “observational” stage but is still ongoing and will be posted on Wellness Rx’s website when complete.

Ed UllmanWhat Does 2021 Look Like for Wellness Rx?

Wellness Rx is currently getting ready to be a vaccination Point of Distribution (POD) , for which employees are in ongoing training. Over the next four months, Ullman and his team hope to see a renaissance of energy within the community after the vaccinations are distributed.

“I want to help spread the kindness and help people find their opening to be more positive. This will be our best growth year.”

Wellness Rx is also supporting the community in mental and physical health through their Patient Assistance Fund. This fund helps those who need medication, or any kind of support get the help they need. With the help of the community, they have raised $8,000. The Greene County Rural Health Network has also provided a grant to help community members with mental health.

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