Greene County Towns

Opportunities abound in our Catskill Mountain, Rural Valley, and Historic Hudson River communities.  The combination of a loyal resident population and an expanding number of visitors to our four-season destinations make Greene County ideal for retail and service-based businesses. Our growing Creative Economy community of makers fosters collaboration and mutual support, and affordable spaces are available for all types of companies, many especially suited to specialty manufacturing.

Go to River Towns River Towns Walkable main streets and quick access to the thruway make the river towns a great place for small and medium businesses. Explore River Towns Go to Valley Towns Valley Towns The close proximity to major infrastructure networks makes the valley towns an efficient option for industrial and commercial operations. Explore Valley Towns Go to Mountain Towns Mountain Towns At the center of outdoor recreation, the mountain towns are an ideal location for businesses catering to the adventurous traveler. Explore Mountain Towns

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The Greene County Economic Development Corporation has the expertise to help your business with funding and site solutions, as well as connecting you to experts in multiple aspects of business development. Get personalized concierge service from business plan to ribbon-cutting with our comprehensive ebooks and support programs to get you on the road to success. We treat every business personally, every step of the way.

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Commercial Properties & Shovel-Ready Sites

Storefronts, Maker Spaces, Destination Venue Opportunites, and Build-to-suit properties across our unique towns and villages.

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