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Angela’s Pizzeria & Brewery: Joining Forces with an Award-Winning Brewmaster

The LoBianco Family of Angela’s Pizzeria and Brewery entered the food service industry in 1973. Since then, they’ve opened 15 different restaurants, all of which are still thriving except for one. In addition, they embarked into the ‘craft beer brewery niche’ in 1995, and Angela’s is the 3rd brewing establishment opened under their management. They also own and operate the Hyde Park Brewing Co.

Joey LoBianco, proprietor of Angela’s, is pleased that the public has finally embraced craft beer. It made perfect sense to him to introduce a brewery into this area of Greene County. “Suddenly, we have sparked a renewed interest in our restaurant because we’re brewing great, fresh beers.” Longtime Brewmaster and co-founder of the annual TAP-NY Craft Beer & Fine Food Festival, Nat Collins has been a friend for many years, so the partnership was inevitable. So far, the addition of craft beers to the menu is sparking renewed interest. “I’ve always said you have to give the people what they want. People want better tasting, fresher, all natural, local and better quality food and beverage.”

The LoBianco family has an eye on future expansion, as well. “We are all really focused on great food and drink with good service and hospitality. Our plan is to market a couple of beers to other retail establishments in the not too distant future. There’s a market for product out there. There’s an opportunity for sure.”

Angela’s has seen its share of challenges in the past. When Superstorm Sandy took out the bridge just north of the restaurant, it cut traffic from State Route 32 North and the Route 23A corridor for almost a year. That almost put the landmark eatery out of business. Now that Angela’s is back and growing a craft beer following, there are big plans for the summer season. “The next few months we’ll be concentrating on putting out great tasting beers and food. Hefe Weiss Bier for June into July. Perhaps a hard Cider for August and we’re certainly going to make a big deal out of Octoberfest. This area of Greene County has a rich history in German heritage. We plan on showing off how well us Italians can do German food and Bier.”

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