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Brewery LaHoff is Honoring Hudson Valley History in Coxsackie, NY

Brewery LaHoff is Honoring Hudson Valley History in Coxsackie, NY

Andre Latour, like many Greene County residents, has a deep appreciation for the region and its rich history. Though he spent most of his life downstate, he was captivated by the Hudson Valley and its many opportunities for success. Armed with a passion for brewing and an eye on the perfect property to realize his dreams, he moved upstate. Now, the newly opened Brewery LaHoff at 50 Vedder Road in Coxsackie is serving up delicious drinks and a healthy dose of history.

Andre has always had a creative mind and a drive to achieve his goals no matter what. His formative years spent in Brooklyn helped develop his business skillset and tireless work ethic. He soon found himself working as an art director within the borough, and further built on his managerial and creative skills. Managing the overarching style and vision of the company’s products, along with ensuring his talented team executed their designs, was crucial to his growth as a future entrepreneur.

Andre was enjoying his work within the city, but he soon found himself looking for a fresh start elsewhere. The Hudson Valley, and Greene County especially, stood out to him as a great place to start the next phase of his life. With his love of craft ciders and beers, he was already quite familiar with the delightfully sippable beverages being produced in the region. After spending much time researching the area and the available properties, one spot caught his eye. A 1900s era former fruit packing barn, located on a former dairy barn/orchard.

Brewery Lahoff Sign and Barn

Andre’s commitment to fulfilling his dreams would come in handy. He incorporated Brewery LaHoff in September 2016 and began the process of revitalizing the property. Thanks to help from the Greene County IDA and other additional NYS business grants, Andre had the means to see his vision of a beautiful brewery come to life. However, the existing property required a great deal of remodeling, and he had to allow the licensing process to be completed as well.

BrewsThough he had planned on a 2017 late fall opening, Andre knew that to create a truly outstanding brewery, he had to put in the work first. Over the span of four years, his team put extensive work into renovating the property. But Andre never forgot the historical connection the site had to the Hudson Valley. The finished brewery had to be inviting, exciting and modern, but maintain its roots to its agricultural history.

Now, he lets the finished Brewery LaHoff speak for itself. The former dairy barn now hosts a cozy tasting room that feels rooted in the culture of the region, while still providing all modern amenities. The orchard grounds themselves are just as lovely as they were over a century ago, and are ready to produce quality, locally grown NY apples for craft cider. Brewery LaHoff’s current selection of ciders range from traditional, to fun collaborations with other local farms, like their Wildflower Wheat made with honey from Twin Spruce Apiary. Greene County residents can come in and enjoy a drink with friends in a warm, friendly environment, and maybe a house-made warm pretzel too!

PretzelAndre Latour is one of the many Greene County entrepreneurs that are helping to grow our economy and culture. He worked directly with the Greene County Economic Development Corporation to receive start-up funding and continues to promote our county and the region. The fact that Greene County is so desirable to such driven individuals who can add to our communities cannot be understated. It’s just one of the many reasons that Greene County is a great place to do business and thrive.

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