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New Personal Services Business Opens Successfully in Catskill, NY Amidst COVID Restrictions

New Personal Services Business Opens Successfully in Catskill, NY Amidst COVID Restrictions

Sandy Dylak wanted to bring cryotherapy to the mainstream market after it improved her own life. She chose the name “Catskill Cryo” before deciding on the location next to Village Pizza on Main Street in Catskill. She planned to open in April but then COVID-19 hit, along with the NYS Restrictions imposed to combat the pandemic. While waiting for the region to enter Phase 3 Re-opening, she made capital investments fine-tuned her go-to-market strategy.

whole body cryotherapyWhole body cryotherapy was once considered exclusive to elite athletes, the affluent, and celebrities. In some regions in the United States, a single three-minute session of whole-body cryotherapy can start at $100. At Catskill Cryo, you can expect to get the same experience for half the price.

Cryotherapy (“cryo,” as it’s called by those familiar with the therapy) is the use of extremely cold temperatures to achieve a variety of wellness objectives, particularly inflammation reduction. Cryo takes place in a walk-in chamber, with sessions lasting two to four minutes. Liquid nitrogen cools the air inside of the chambers which can get down as low as -200°F. The extreme temperature activates the body’s “fight or flight” mechanisms, driving blood to the core to protect vital organs. After the session is over, your body warms up and disperses the “supercharged” oxygenated blood throughout. This is scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, stimulate production of endorphins (and other “feel good” hormones), and speed muscle tissue recovery after strenuous physical activity. It is also thought to improve focus, speed metabolism, boost energy levels, and benefit sleep patterns.

Catskill Cryo is the first venue in New York’s upper Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountain region to offer whole body cryotherapy (Cryo)—an innovative approach to wellness and recovery. Additional wellness and healing services include:

Services: infrared sauna, cryo facials, local or spot cryo, compression

In July, Catskill Cryo officially opened its doors and welcomed many curious about the procedure as well as existing cryotherapy-goers. Dylak posts specific requirements for each procedure online, and has seen an outpour of support from people in the community since opening. She has customers who use cryo to help with pain management, boost energy, and even help relieve anxiety.“Cryo, as well as infrared sauna therapy, can be a way to bust through someone’s bad mood, it’s a way to reduce pain and inflammation. Stimulating your own body to heal itself—whether through cryo or infrared technology—is an important alternative to medication,” she notes.

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