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Contemporary “River Crossings” Exhibit at Thomas Cole and Olana Historic Sites

The Thomas Cole National Historic Site and Olana State Historic Site are partnering to present a first‐of‐its‐kind exhibition of contemporary artwork entitled “River Crossings: Contemporary Art Comes Home.” The exhibit will be curated by Albany, NY born artist Stephen Hannock and renowned art historian Jason Rosenfeld, PhD.

Hannock’s landscapes pick up where the Hudson School leaves off, amplifying the luminescent quality of light by power-sanding the painted surfaces. Rosenfeld has said of the artist, “Hannock, in his radical technique, is a true American luminist. His paintings, multi-layered in both surface and meaning, radiate in a manner that connects past and present.” Interestingly, the goal of their curated exhibition at these historic sites has similar aims. Through carefully selected artists and artworks, Hannock and Rosenfeld aim to illuminate the connections between 19th century American art and contemporary times, and speak specifically to the historic environments of both sites.

This dynamic modern art project was realized with the help of a $60,000.00 award from the Regional Economic Development Council. The exhibit will feature contemporary artwork installed directly into the historic spaces and landscapes of the two historic sites. Artists in the exhibition will include some of the most celebrated names over the last 40 years, including Chuck Close, Gregory Crewdson, Lynn Davis, Don Gummer, Jerry Gretzinger, Valerie Hegarty, Angie Keefer, Stephen Hannock, Charles LeDray, Maya Lin, Elizabeth Murray, Thomas Nozkowski, Martin Puryear, Cindy Sherman, Sienna Shields, Kiki Smith, Joel Sternfeld, and Elyn Zimmerman. The exhibit opens May 2015.

Link to Thomas Cole historic site website
Link to Chronogram interview with Stephen Hannock

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