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Continuing to Strengthen the Town of Prattsville

The Town of Prattsville will receive an award of $231,000 from the Economic Development Council to advance priority projects in 2015. More specifically, the funds will help implement the town’s NY Rising and Long Term Recovery plans, namely the design and construction of Phase 2 of the Schoharie Creek Trail Project. Phase 2 involves extending the trail to connect with the Historic Arnold House and Big Loop trail network. The project will also include building local capacity through staff support to create a more resilient and revitalized community.

Still in the process of rebuilding from the devastating effects of Hurricane Irene, Prattsville is revitalizing through projects designed to restore business and productivity to the town. Some projects are also designed to protect against future environmental hazards by restricting future development and installing vegetation and materials that will strengthen the floodplain. This serves the dual-purpose of enhancing recreational resources and also fostering an understanding of the importance of floodplain protection.

The Schoharie Creek Trail is a series of interconnected trails and parks that bring visitors along the riverfront, through the village, and up into the hills beyond. As a first step in this plan, the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference developed a trail along Huntersfield Creek to showcase a series of waterfalls that exist just above Main Street. The goal of Phase 2 is to expand and connect the trail network to the existing trails of Pratt Rock, and to the future riverfront trails.

Link to NY Rising Prattsville Reconstruction Plan
Link to Prattsville Town Recovery Initiatives

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