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Gather Greene – A Take-Over Event Destination in Coxsackie, NY

Gather Greene – A Take-Over Event Destination in Coxsackie, NY

Co-designers and owners Amna Ali and Jackie Brown have created a truly remarkable and unique retreat.  These interior design graduates of Pratt University have put their extensive experience staging events into an event-destination experience based on their shared passions.  Set on an over 100-acre site in the woods between the Hudson River and the Great Northern Catskill Mountains, Gather Greene is a place to celebrate life’s milestones, connecting with both nature and loved ones.

Amna and JackieA naturally spectacular setting surrounds this compound that blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces – incorporating the organic features of field and forest into a transformable foundation, upon which to build a uniquely memorable event.

Outdoor and barn weddings have been gaining popularity for years, especially with city dwellers seeking respite in a rural scenic setting.  That being said, Gather Greene provides the perfect combination of rustic ambiance and modern amenities – each complimenting the other to the delight of its guests.

Pavillion The Pavilion

For those who want an outdoor wedding, but not an outdoor wedding tent; want to connect with nature, but be ready for whatever nature has planned, this 4,000 square foot space peaks at a 30’ tall rafter-set and an ‘Installation Wall’ ready to accommodate all types of creative visions. The space can hold 250 of your closest friends with an interior enclosed section housing a generous catering kitchen, and a large upstairs lounge space.

Flexibility was key to the design of the building, from it’s no-column roof support, to a generous amount of electrical outlets and power service, right down to invisible hooks in the Installation Wall ready to receive custom creations.

The light, sculptural screening walls of the pavilion offer unobstructed views of the sprawling field and mountains beyond, while casting dramatic shadows within. In the event of inclement weather, motorized shades are easily lowered, protecting the screening walls and your event from any offending rain or wind.

Two Prep Suites

Amna and Jackie feel pretty strongly that everyone needs a beautiful place to get gorgeous with their people (and take gorgeous photos). Suite 1 is more geared towards hair and make-up, with plenty of natural light and as many mirrors as they could fit. Suite 2 was created more for the great art of lounging, with a luxuriously soft sectional providing plenty of seating. Both suites offer full en-suite bathrooms, heat and air conditioning, dimmable designer lighting, as well as the requisite bar cart.

An upstairs lounge filled the space with sofas, rugs, blankets, chairs, and tables provides 725 square feet of flexible indoor comfort. Guests are encouraged to rearrange the furniture for an early morning yoga class, team meeting, or intimate dinner party. With heat, air conditioning, and dimmable lighting -this space is also perfect all year round.

Prep Suites bigger

CabinThe Cabins

The growing popularity of Tiny House retreats is another rising star for Gather Greene. Seventeen Scandinavian-influenced cabins are set in the middle of the woods just down the path from the pavilion. Each is built around a grand picture window-wall, is fully climate controlled and comes with an outside deck, a king size bed, bathroom, closet with large mirror, and mini fridge.

The window wall takes center stage and packs the cabin with drama, while the solid walls surrounding keep things extra private. The mirrored wardrobe door reflects the outdoors, bringing it further into the cabin, even in the moonlight. The wardrobe behind the mirror has room for long dresses and pants as well as plenty of shorter clothing.


Each cabin has a deck that is at least the same footprint of the cabin itself. Some decks are shared, some decks are larger, and some decks get edgy. All decks have chairs, a small table, an outdoor light, and killer views.

Although the cabins are quite private once you are inside, all are in close proximity to each other. Twelve cabins look out over our ridge towards the Berkshires, and 5 cabins are nestled into the woods slightly further apart. All cabins have little woodland paths leading right up to them with bistro bulbs lighting the way.

The grounds, pavilion, cabins and amenities of Gather Greene are indeed the realization of the creative vision of its founders.  Amna & Jackie have built a great destination which is destined for greatness in the growing event-space marketplace.

Press reviews have been exceptional as well:

“Flanked by the Catskills and the Berkshires and stretching across 100 acres of rolling hills,
this brand-new nature retreat and event venue has something for everyone –
especially your wedding photographer, who’s sure to be inspired.” 


“Hudson Valley’s newest venue and getaway spot will leave you speechless”.

 “Your next fresh air getaway awaits in Greene County.” 

“Gather Greene is perfect for outdoorsy couples who wish to be wed at one with nature.” 

“These women are leading the female entrepreneur rush to the Catskills”.

“Tucked in Coxsackie, in the heart of the Berkshire and Catskill Mountains,
Gather Greene is the Hudson Valley’s latest oasis in the forest”.


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