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Bringing 21st Century Hearing Health Care to Greene County in Coxsackie, NY

Bringing 21st Century Hearing Health Care to Greene County in Coxsackie, NY

Robert J. LaCosta, BC-HIS, has helped thousands suffering hearing loss hear well again. His passion to provide affordable hearing health care led him to establish a boutique-style, one-hour stop-and-shop dispensary called hEARt Ear Boutique where patients can land ‘boutique savings’ without sacrificing quality in products and services.

Members of the Greene County Chamber of Commerce and the Invest In Greene Economic Development Team were among the many interested visitors attending the ribbon cutting of hEARt’s new Coxsackie, NY location at 16 Hope Plaza (near the intersection of US 9W and NYS 81).

LaCosta, who is Board-Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences and a member of the International Hearing Society for over 15 years, focuses on delivering high-quality (and high-tech) solutions that protect and improve hearing health.

hEARt Ear Boutique team

hEARt Ear Boutique not only provides in-store testing, consultation, hearing-aid sales & repairs, and custom fitting for those suffering from hearing loss.  They also feature a full range of customized hearing-wellness products, including; Custom Earmolds for use with Bluetooth phones, iPods and other portable electronic devices; Custom Ear Plugs for both noise and swimming protection, and; Custom In-Ear Monitors for musicians and performers.

Advances in wireless technologies are driving innovations in hearing health care by providing ever-smaller, unobtrusive devices that work hand in hand with smart-phone applications. LaCosta and his team of specialists at hEARt have broadened the market for hearing products – not only serving an aging population of baby-boomers with hearing loss, but protecting the hearing wellness and enhancing audio experiences for everyone.

hEARt brochures

This boutique/storefront approach is highly accessible and creates a destination for prospective customers.  A unique one-hour stop-and-shop dispensary, hEARt Ear Boutique takes the hassle out of taking care of your hearing.

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