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Massage, Wellness & Tanning on Main Street Cairo, NY

Massage, Wellness & Tanning on Main Street Cairo, NY

Originally from Cairo, Sheila Gallagher, like so many others, graduated from High School and moved away.  After calling Texas home, then Connecticut, Sheila came back with a passion.  For the past 3-1/2 months she has built a growing Wellness Services business at 515 Main Street in Cairo.  A tanning salon had been operating there for a couple of years, but was floundering.  Sheila bought the business, located in an historic Cairo Main Street building, changed its name, and under her guidance and vision, Gallagher’s Catching Rays focusses on helping people feel better both physically and mentally with private relaxation and wellness treatments.

Gallagher’s Catching RaysWhile the personal tanning suites have not disappeared, Catching Rays customers experience muscle relaxing warmth as part of the treatment, with a variety of products available to ensure a safe and enjoyable session.

Sheila says, “Adults can find significant benefits to properly monitored tanning. Prior to taking a trip to a place where the sun is more intense than Greene County in winter, a series of moderate sessions can help develop a base against a bad burn.  Customers simply feel better after a treatment, even if it’s just a chance to pamper themselves a bit.”

table massageTwo Massage Therapists work with Sheila on Thursdays & Fridays, providing relaxation and relief for a growing group of clients.  Tanning is offered Mondays through Saturdays, and more wellness treatments will be added over the coming months.

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