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Making Great Baking at Potters Table in Catskill, NY

Making Great Baking at Potters Table in Catskill, NY

Marta Edmonds’ passion for the Locavore Lifestyle and creative collaboration led her to establish her business that “crafts hand rolled rustic flatbreads, wafers and crisps that highlight the bounty of the Catskills”. Since moving her production facility into the ARC Mid-Hudson building on 9W in Catskill, she’s expanded her workforce to expand her offering of delectable edibles throughout the Hudson Valley.

Potters Table began when friends who love to cook, eat, make art and pottery came together to enjoy delicious food, craft and friendship. Their goal is to expand their table, and yours, with friends, community and meaningful experiences.


GranolaTo that end Marta uses only the freshest locally-sourced ingredients in all of her products (including mouth-watering, hand-crafted S’more kits), which are currently featured in local stores like:
•  Circle W, Palenville NY
•  Glen Falls House, Round Top NY
•  Story Farms, Palenville NY
•  The Woodhouse Lodge, Greenville NY

The expanded Potters Table Bakery facility was made possible, in part, through the vision and dedication of Gary Bellows, who serves ad Business Development Officer for ARC Mid-Hudson. When NYS defunded ‘work centers’ for developmentally disabled residents, the ARC was left with both empty production spaces and clients with no jobs to go to. Gary’s solution: Leverage the rise in farm-to-table businesses to create ‘food pods’ where expanding businesses could find both the space and the workforce they need.

Food pod businesses receive production space in ARC facilities at a reduced rent, with the understanding that they hire an ARC client within the first 90 days after taking occupancy. It is suggested that their next hire be able-bodied, with the addition of another developmentally disabled employee when the business will support three. This approach helps get ARC clients out of ‘Day-Hab’ programs and into real jobs where they earn a real paycheck and contribute to the success of a real business. Prospective employers can find out more on the ARC Mid-Hudson website.

Hany’s Harvest produces Fire Cider right next door.

Fire CidersHany ElDiwany — an engineer and creative seeker with a passion for wellness — discovered a recipe for Fire Cider, an apple cider vinegar infusion renowned within the herbal community for generations for its health and wellness benefits. Hany was struck by Fire Cider’s versatility in a range of culinary applications — and was hooked. Inspired to introduce the product to a broader audience, he soon developed his five potently delicious recipes, each of which improved upon that original formulation with subtle differences to appeal to a wide range of palettes. Each bottle Hany’s team prepares is crafted in small batches using only the finest ingredients, including whole, organic roots and spices. The Hany’s Harvest team relocated from Brooklyn to Catskill, NY in 2018.

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