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Keeping the Upholsterer’s Craft Alive at Sewing Room’s Workshop in Greenville, NY

Keeping the Upholsterer’s Craft Alive at Sewing Room’s Workshop in Greenville, NY

With so many diverse home furnishings and clothing items so readily available in big-box retail and online, the idea of reupholstering a piece of furniture, or altering a suit or dress seems quite alien to more and more of us.  Eunice Hamilton grew up in a time when consumers bought products for the long-haul, and when the showed wear, or needed repair people didn’t kick them to the curb or throw them in the charity basket, they had them fixed and continued to use them – Not exactly the IKEA or H&M business model.

Eunice Hamilton“The quality of the supporting frame of older upholstered pieces is a lot different than most made today” Eunice explains. “It was assumed that the frame would be used for generations, re-upholstered many times over the years, and the quality of the wood and joinery had to stand up to wear and tear over time”.

Over the years, Eunice has relied on returning customers that appreciate the quality of work she performs at the Sewing Room’s Workshop, recently moved from Main Street in Greenville, NY to the Tops Plaza on Route 32.

Sewing RoomInside, they focus on ‘everything stitch-able’ bringing new life to treasured pieces, creating matching accessories to bring a room together, and performing exacting alterations on vintage clothing.

With the demand for these services on the rise, Eunice is continuously on the lookout for younger makers who want to learn from a master.  “I can do all the work, but I’m only one person” she acknowledges, “and I’m happy to teach others the skills I’ve honed over a life-time.  If someone like working with their hands and seeing what they’ve created at the end of the day, this job can be very rewarding.”

The Sewing Room’s Workshop is open Monday-Saturday and you can call the shop at (518) 966-5873.sewing project

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