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Spirits of Cairo: A Passion for Potent Potables

Spirits of Cairo: A Passion for Potent Potables

Tom Vasquez started Spirits of Cairo to create a wonderful destination for wine and spirits enthusiasts while contributing to the return of Spirit to what he refers to as “the sleepy little town I now call home”.  His shop at 217 Main Street in Cairo, NY (set to expand later this year) has become a vibrant part of the great fabric of this rural community at the foot of the Great Northern Catskill Mountains of Greene County, NY – providing arguably one of most extensive and eclectic selections available anywhere.

Cask TopThis venture is the third career re-invention for Tom who started out in the high-pressure world of Wall Street. As he realized that pursuing the financial success he certainly achieved was also certainly killing him (body and spirit), he left that world for its polar opposite, becoming a professional dog groomer.  This was not just your average Pet Smart gig.  Tom groomed top dogs from celebrity pets to Westminster winners.

Aside from the massive in-store selection, Tom and his team travel the country and the world to seek out and bring home casks of specialty whiskeys – things you’d have a hard time finding anywhere, let alone in a town of 6,700 people.

Japan Bottles

From locally distilled treasures like Catskill Honey Bourbon, to Jefferson’s Ocean Whiskeys (barrel aged at sea on over 13 voyages) to a stellar selection of the best whiskeys from Japan, there’s literally nothing you can’t find here.  For instance, lots of folks are familiar with the British cocktail staple ‘Pimm’s” but who knew they made an Elderflower and Thistle version?  Tom even has signature, micro-batch bottles from the likes of Guillermo del Toro and the Dalmore distillery in Scotland (one of only 3,000 bottles of this 25 year old single-malt).


Suffice it to say, if you enjoy potent potables, or just want to learn more about them, a visit to Spirits of Cairo is a must. For those of us who live here, it’s a regular treat.

Got questions? Their phone number is hard to forget: (518) 622-BUZZ.

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