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Families are the Key to a Century of Success at Sunny Hill – Greenville, NY

Families are the Key to a Century of Success at Sunny Hill – Greenville, NY

For the past 100 years, five generations of Nicholsens have welcomed families to experience the scenic beauty, spectacular views, and outdoor fun. In 1920, Peter & Gurine Nicholsen bought a farm in Greenville and began taking in boarders for extra income. Now their grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren carry on their legacy at what they have built into one of the top family-centric resorts in the country.

Sunny Hill as a Working Farm

A Working Farm becomes a Quintessential Catskills Resort.

A carpenter by trade, Peter Nicholsen brought his wife, Gurine, to the United States in 1920. Together, they purchased the 110-acre upstate NY farm that remains the home of Sunny Hill today. Peter worked in the city during most of the year while Gurine ran the farm – tending livestock, growing crops, plowing with a team of horses, and raising her growing family. To make ends meet, she rented rooms and took in boarders at a weekly rate of $5 per adult. Guests on the farm became like family, and it’s been that way ever since.

Activities at Sunny Hill
1946 at Sunny Hill

Creating a Vacation Destination for the Greatest Generation

Garwayne Hall
With the growing post-WWII baby-boom, young families flocked to the Catskills to escape the summer city heat. By 1949, Sunny Hill was no longer a farm, it was entirely focused on providing great vacation getaways. New amenities were added over the coming decade and the beautiful Lake Loree was created for boating and fishing.

By 1961, families & friends were dining together in the newly-built Garwayne Hall with spectacular views of the mountains and seating for 300.

Adding Amenities Focused on Families.

Fourth-generation Tinker Nicholsen-Pachter attributes the longevity of the business to a simple fact: “The adventures found on Sunny Hill Resort’s 600 acres transform vacations into dream getaways. It’s a place where kids can truly be kids, and adults can relax and unwind.”

100 years on, the Nicholsens have built a resort comprised of 12 different lodging properties, from suites to adjoining rooms and two of the best golf courses in the Catskills.  Just like at the original boarding house farm, guests are treated to three all-you-can eat meals a day. Kids of all ages enjoy “Just for Fun” rides including trains, swing go rounds and merry go rounds. Family movies under the stars & concerts on the lawn make for great evening activities, and, just like it’s been done for generations, every Friday night is celebrated with a lake-side party with fireworks.

Updated activities

Each Generation Brings New Ideas and Opportunities.

The growing popularity of Destination Weddings and Outdoor Adventure has proven to fit perfectly with the Sunny Hill brand.  The property also includes a 5.5 mile Viking Obstacle Course, a day spa, and offers yoga and Zumba classes

Tinker Nicholsen-Pachter sums it up nicely –  “Thankfully our business has been built on relationships with our guests that span many generations and decades. Our repeat customers are the core of our guests. It is very exciting for us to see guests return as adults with their young families to carry on the Sunny Hill tradition.”

Sunny Hill today

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