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SureWood Floors is Beautifying Buildings and Building Better Floors in Cairo, NY

SureWood Floors is Beautifying Buildings and Building Better Floors in Cairo, NY

Pasquale Littlejohn knows that there’s been plenty of movement in the Greene County housing market lately. With residents both new and old purchasing homes in the region, there’s certainly a need for home improvement. Backed by his eye for quality and over 20 years of flooring experience, Pasquale is ready to help people discover the beauty of hardwood floors. His business, SureWood Flooring in Cairo, is improving home values all throughout the region.

Pasquale has been nearby Greene County for most of his life. Growing up in the Capital Region and spending time in the service industry shaped his career path. Though he graduated from art school and began honing his craft as a graphic artist, he also had time to educate himself on wood flooring. His work eventually led him to Manhattan, where he met his wife. After a beautiful Catskills wedding, they both fell in love with the region and quickly moved here. What’s more, Pasquale discovered a community with a strong need for talented wood floorers.

Finished FloorPasquale already knew a bit about Greene County and its homes, thanks to stories from two art school friends who lived and worked in the area. Armed with this info, he set to work surveying the area, learning everything he could about existing houses and the demand for wood flooring. Wood flooring by trade is an incredibly specialized field, with only a select number of companies that can do the work. Everything from refinishing, resurfacing, repairing, and installing wood floors requires lots of training, talent, and tenacity. Pasquale knew that with his experience and commitment to excellence, he could help enrich the community.

He soon set up shop in the county and began beautifying residents’ homes. Greene County has no shortage of older properties, and many homeowners were unaware of how to improve their homes without disturbing the historical feel. After hearing their concerns, Pasquale made client involvement the key tenet of SureWood Floors. He wanted every project to be a joint venture, with a transparent process and as much control given to the client as possible. This collaborative approach helped his business soar.

Though the arrival of COVID-19 introduced unique challenges to the flooring trade, Pasquale also found plenty of positives in the experience. Prior to the pandemic, many customers requested polyurethane-finished wood flooring for their homes. Hardwood floors using this material aren’t as durable and have a much shorter lifespan compared to water-based finishes. However, due to supply chain issues that have resulted from COVID-19, many polyurethane producers are out of stock or experience lengthy delays. This allowed Pasquale a chance to better focus on customer needs by offering water-based finishes for a greener, and longer-lasting finished product.

Finished Floors

Now, after pressing through the pandemic, SureWood Floors is still standing strong. Pasquale now services homes throughout Greene County, and has his eyes set on expanding his business. He knows that the field of wood flooring is a small, tight-knit community, but he wants to help that grow as well. With his love for teaching and giving back, Pasquale has taken on a few local apprentices – including a 17-year-old foreman who is currently on track to advance his career further. Above all else, Pasquale hopes to open a school to train the next generation of wood floorers, so he can give back to the field that has given him so much.

Pasquale Littlejohn is part of the expanding community of Greene County go-getters that help make our region so great. Greene County is filled to the brim with residents that are proud to live here, and it’s evident in everyone you talk to.




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