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Revitalizing the Region and Working Wonders at The Wire Event Center in Coxsackie, NY

Revitalizing the Region and Working Wonders at The Wire Event Center in Coxsackie, NY

Aaron Flach and his wife Rebecca have a deep appreciation for all the beautiful and storied buildings throughout Greene County. Though time has taken its toll on some locations, they know history is worth preserving. That’s what drives their latest passion project – developing a multi-acre Coxsackie riverfront site into an event center and hotel. The finished property will run from the end of Historic Reed Street, south along River Street to the site of a former wire factory. Aptly named The Wire Event Center, the location is expected to draw hundreds of new visitors each week, welcoming weddings, conferences, and community fundraisers.

Site Aaron is a Greene County native, who grew up in Coxsackie. Though he trekked out to Malibu, California to complete his studies in Business, History, and Political Science, he couldn’t stay away from home for long. Upon returning to Greene County, he went to work for his father in the commercial real estate and development business. This not only provided Aaron with the experience he’d need to strike out on his own in the early 2000s, but also showed him the extent of the county’s history.

Aaron saw many buildings in the area were falling into disrepair, despite their historical significance. He knew that with the right amount of time, effort, and care, these buildings could be restored to their former glory. That mindset is what drew his eye to the development site which would soon become The Wire.

Site with rocksSeeing the underutilized riverfront property and knowing he had a prime opportunity to help revitalize Greene County, Aaron purchased the site in February 2018. He knew that he wanted to create a space that the entire community could enjoy and that would help drive the local economy. He then reached out to the Greene County Economic Development Corporation to help determine his options and develop a feasible plan. By summer of 2020, the plan was in place for the event center and associated hotel, and construction/restoration work had begun in full for The Wire.

As of now, construction efforts are in “overdrive”, to help account for a brief pause in March of 2020 due to COVID-19. Thankfully, the event center is on track to open in the fall of 2021, with the hotel opening in the summer of 2022. A talented crew from management, hospitality, and construction backgrounds have been working tirelessly to ensure The Wire is a space the surrounding communities can be proud of.

As for the future? Aaron and his wife have a positive outlook for The Wire, and for Greene County in the post-COVID world. They feel that more and more people have been drawn to the Catskill region in search of rural, authentic spaces to settle down. The couple hopes that a true 5-star event center and hotel located in Coxsackie will draw even more people to the area, which can only help the whole community grow. They already have plans in place for many community fundraisers and events to tie in with the grand opening of the event center in the fall.

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One of the many things that makes Greene County great is its sense of community. Lifelong residents like Aaron and their drive to give back are what keep us growing and thriving.

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